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Rose, Genya, Kristin

Original movie length: 50:03

Galina called me and said that a girlfriend of hers wants to make love with girl and a guy. I called Kristin and she immediately asked about that wanting babe’s telephone number to arrange for a date. In a couple of hours they arrived to me, both wanting like two little bitches. Rose turned out to be a sexy angel; she turned on both Kristin and me! I’m looking forward to seeing this seductive, playful and shy babe Rose.

July, Genya, Anya

Original movie length: 34:50

July and Anya. When my old dear friend July appeared together with one more sweet babe Anya (who is by the way very pretty) i was wildly glad and of course i invited them to spend some good time together. July understood everything correctly - and got rid of her cloths almost immediately - as anal fucking is her favorite sport.That was really great! I was on the 7th sky! Here i show you our mad games when they have just arrived, and next time i will add photos and videos of how they were enjoying their bath... and me together, of course.

Nadia, Genya, Olga

Original movie length: 51:41

I haven’t seen Nadia for ages; some problems prevented us from meeting. But as soon as I got some free time I invited her - and luckily she arrived with her girlfriend! First they caressed and touched one another, and then I joined them - oral love was amazing… and in closing - hard deep anal penetration! Party was fantastic.

Natasha, Esmeralda, Genya

Original movie length: 58:46

Esmeralda and Natasha. Alex, my familiar photographer, called me recently and asked for a favor: two beauties who came to meet him from neighbour city and he had no time for him being busy with urgent work. He wanted me to meet them, show some interesting places and just give some fun to them. Once I have seen them I realised that interesting places are not necessary but the fun must be. I was so right! They were tempered so hot as if they had no sex for years! I barely managed to keep myself whole when we finished our fun. I must visit them in their place shortly - they promised even warmer party to me ;)

Kati, Kate, Genya, Marina

Original movie length: 49:43

Kati called me and said that they three sit in a cafe and want to spend evening somehow… steamy. What can be better than a hot lesbian threesome? You’re right - good hard group sex featuring them and me. These three babes made a wonderful combination: big tits, anal sex, dick sucking… everything! I wish I could have such parties much more often!

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